Friday, April 1, 2011

Life as it is

It's been almost two years from my last post.
The main reason would be because im too bz with my study life and now with my career.

The truth is, i found that people demanded for a privacy while in fact, it was them who discharged their right for glory.

Suddenly this poem come into mind.. It's been a while since my last poem. Oh, how i missed my poems collection. All gone when my beloved lappy stolen in early feb 2010.
And yep i missed my lappy.. n my poem..but life must go on..

Nothing to be regret
Once you find the reason to live

Nothing else to be search for
If you know what you already have

There will be scars and kisses
The battle wound or maybe a bliss
But nothing can compare
The serenity in life
For being loved and loving love

I found it sometimes difficult
To adhere the perception and customs
But nothing can compare to the broken dreams

To it you must never failed
You are the master and it is your slave

Thou it might be lifeless as it seems
But the truth will ever the the same
It is you who must change
Without losing your inner-self


Monday, April 13, 2009

Love by Rupert Brooke

Rupert Brooke

Love is a breach in the walls, a broken gate,
Where that comes in that shall not go again;
Love sells the proud heart’s citadel to Fate.
They have known shame, who love unloved.
Even then,When two mouths, thirsty each for each, find slaking,
And agony’s forgot, and hushed the crying
Of credulous hearts, in heaven—such are but taking
Their own poor dreams within their arms, and lying
Each in his lonely night, each with a ghost.
Some share that night.
But they know love grows colder,
Grows false and dull, that was sweet lies at most.
Astonishment is no more in hand or shoulder,
But darkens, and dies out from kiss to kiss.
All this is love; and love is but this.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bisik Hati

Kata hati berbisik
Mengulang bait-bait ucap
Yang tak pernah sunyi
Dari hadir di kamar pemikiran

Kata hati aku tak ingin pergi
Makan aja kata-kata pojok
Omong-omongan mereka
Yang tak pernah mengerti
Perih di kalbi

Mencengkam jiwa
Merusak kekuatan

Mengubah aku
Menjadi lebih berani

Lebih cekal
Lebih kental

Menjadi lebih utuh dari cengal
Buatan acheh di nusantara

Kadang-kadang lebih harum
Memikat sukma seperti kasturi
Melekat di hati
Menjamu imaginasi

Lebih pahit dari hempedu
Lebih kelat dari blijo
Itulah yang akan lebih lama
Melekat di dalam ingatan

Apa mungkin kau akan mengerti
Maksud kata-kata ku ini
Bila mana kau tak pernah
Memijak pasir di bumi ku
Bila mana kau tak pernah
Menghirup udara di sekelilingku
Bila mana kau tak pernah
Merasa angin lalu di sisiku
Bila mana kau tak pernah
Mencuba untuk menjadi aku
Dan takkan pernah
Pantas menjadi aku..

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Berikan aku kekuatan
Agar dapat ku berdiri
Dalam badai yang melanda diri ini

Berikan aku semangat
Agar dapat ku tempuh
Dugaan yang mencabar ini

Berikan aku petunjuk-Mu
Agar aku tak hanyut
Di buai arus ombak ini

Terimalah maghfirahku
Agarku temui keredhaan
Dalam setiap ketentuan-Mu

Berikan aku waktu
Untuk aku meniti hari-hari
Dibumi para KekasehMu

Berikan aku sahabat
Yang sentiasa bersamaku
Di dalam suka dan duka

Berikanlah aku kaseh
Sesuci kasehku padaMu
Biarpun tak terzahir di pandangan

Qabulkanlah permintaanku
Rahmatilah hidupku
Kuatkanlah imanku
Luruskanlah perjalananku
Terangilah hatiku
Redhailah aku
Redhailah aku
Redhailah aku


Tiang Seri

Ku utus kasih di angin lalu
Bersama bayang-bayang kasihku
Dia berpergian tak mengutus rindu
Merampas ketenangan kalbu

Ku kenang kisah di kala itu
Dia mengeluh
Tiada guna berlagu
Aku bukan lagi yang satu

Tanya hati
Mengapa diri harus menderita
Dalam kesetiaan
Dikhianati turus percaya

Apa harus
Di ucapkan
Apa harus
Ku lakukan

Kala cinta itu
Bukan milikku lagi
Kala hati itu
Bukan padaku lagi

Kala cinta itu
Membutuhkan aku
Merobohkan tiang seri
Teratak kehidupan ku ini

Bila mana cinta itu
Mampu menhancurkan aku
Sedang ia
Amat mengasyikkan

Ku teruskan langkah ini
Menuruti akal fikiranku
Biar hatiku tersirih
Biar jiwaku merintih
Takkan ku menyerah
Tiang seri kehidupan ku itu.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Perception - 16k

a blog that has change my perception a lot..

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I’ve met my bestfriend in my primary school today (ZK) at our bestfriend wedding where I am the maid-of-honor. ..things went ok until ZK commented on the other bridemaids about their make up and hair done. She commented on how did they go to pray with those heavy make up and hair done with those baju kebaya chongsam which is very ‘complicated’ to be take off for afternoon prayer and let alone the rest of the day prayer..

Me as usual, will try to provoke this one kind of my beloved friend by saying “well, maybe the put it on’ hold’..”. ZK was so shock and says:

ZK: “ My Goodness!!! They cant do that, u cant skip the prayer like that. You have to perform it no matter what!”

well, now she has started to give me a lecture on prayer. So I said to her :

ZZ: “gal, those ppl maybe has perform their prayer n we didn’t know it.. or maybe they some kind put it on ‘hold’..we cant judge them, just leave it to the God above.. He knows better than us.”

(thou I know maybe they ‘did put on hold’ their zuhur prayer but I cant denied the possibility they did remove their make up, and go to pray then put the make up again..)

Then we change to some other topics and unfortunately, she asked me about our friend ‘L’. I said to her that I do contact with her but just through the FS…to my concern, L is my friend so long she doesn’t back-stabbing our friendship. But suddenly, Z , came out with this statement:

ZK: eyy, did u know that L is no longer wearing her tudung?

ZZ: err, I don’t know, myb yes but in her FS she still wear it. It’s up to the individual thou

ZK: owh, I thought u knew it already..

ZZ: honestly, it’s her right. We just could pray for her but not to judge her..

ZK: but what makes her to change drastically? She did wore it since school..

ZZ: gal, it just her appearance, but L is still L..maybe she wanted to be different, we don’t know about it. yes, it is sinful but she has the right to be wrong only then she’ll learn her lesson. I know a lot of tudung gal who did wore skin-color legging and wearing it with skirt or wearing a skin-tight shirt and on the same time did ‘mingle’ around with guys. Unfortunately, instead of judging them as a ‘not-so-good-muslim-gal’, people would judge her soooo good just because she’s wearing tudung. Did u get it? L is not longer wearing her tudung but have u ever heard or seeing her ‘mingling’ around with guys will free? Have u ever see her went to any of his guys friends house? Have u ever heard she letting any of her boyfriend to even hold her hand? Never right? It’s because her pride, her dignity, she keep it in her heart and her mind..not in her ‘expensive-glittery-flowery’ tudung.

God! What had happen to this friend of mine. I haven’t met her for about 4 years and she did changed a lot.. im happy for her change but I’m kindda uncomfortable the way she make out the statement…n God knows who will be the next..maybe it will be me n I don’t know what kind of statement it would be. what I mean is, I cant just abruptly think that someone has done something wrong based on what they had done before asking what really happened.

The provocative comment didn’t stop there, it continued when SH are now bersanding there wearing her wedding gown with that bare up the upper chest and her upper back and did ‘conceal’ it with a layer of thin ‘sheer-bronzy-shimmer’ to make it more tanned. She looked so pretty with that wedding gown and ZK again make out a statement which I reply :

ZZ: my dear, SH is someone’s wife now, I bet her husband know how to handle her and I strongly believed that that is the first and the last time of her to wear that kind of gown for the rest of her life...It’s her most enchanted-happiest day of her life and we should pray for her happiness after this..

But after all, ZK,L, SH are my friend and the fact that they have changed to someone that I wish they will never be would not changed the fact that I still love and regard them as my friends..Hey, friends are diamond..they forever valuable.. =)